Kitchen-opsy IV

Saturday, September 23, 2006

ok, so I haven’t posted parts two and three yet. But they are around in my draft folders. Part one is the view at my stove.

This entry delves into my refrigerator!

my refrigerator doors

Clicking on the image will take you to its Flickr page which reveals all the notes describing what I have posted up on my doors.

Just typical stuff…


Again, lots of image notes are found on this images’ Flickr page.
I’m pretty surprised there isn’t anything too scarey at the moment. But then again, that’s cause its all forgotten shoved towards the back!

Some of what is to be found:

Kitchen-opsy I

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

wishbonesThe state of my kitchen better not be a reflection of my inner mind. It’s most often cluttered, even littered, crammed full of odds-n-ends, bits-n-pieces, with quirky projects here and there.

Most are traditions I’ve come up with myself, though some, like the collection of wishbones on the window still are habits learned from my Mom. I often have a collection of art pieces around the wishbones… some tiles, ammonites, and a butterfly wing or two stuck to the window pane with water. Outside my sink window is the view of our fennel which continues to grow seven feet tall, thriving in our neglect.

Here’s bits of my kitchen on a good day:
kitchen stove diagram I used to be quite active in making ceramics and pottery. These leavings are all over my kitchen, most notably around my stove.

Next up, the wall area next to the stove.

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