Kitchen-opsy IV

Saturday, September 23, 2006

ok, so I haven’t posted parts two and three yet. But they are around in my draft folders. Part one is the view at my stove.

This entry delves into my refrigerator!

my refrigerator doors

Clicking on the image will take you to its Flickr page which reveals all the notes describing what I have posted up on my doors.

Just typical stuff…


Again, lots of image notes are found on this images’ Flickr page.
I’m pretty surprised there isn’t anything too scarey at the moment. But then again, that’s cause its all forgotten shoved towards the back!

Some of what is to be found:

Japan: Week One, Tokushima

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Bacon Caesar Salad Pringles!This first week in Japan has been such a fun happy feeling, fuzzy headed sort of week. The humidity is amazingly atrotious, but eh… what can we do but enjoy the air conditioning where found, and fan ourselves silly. One Japanese custom we have picked up so far is to carry a fan and a bandana cloth around with us.

Sweets and I have been up to venturing around by ourselves in the nearby grocery store. Our new standard lunch is to share a salad topped with slices of maguro or tamago and maybe a fried something or other from the deli section. The grocery store has been such a fun array of goodies. Everything is begging to be taken back with me in my luggage. From the dark sesame toast spread, to my favorite chu-hi, I’m glad we packed light on our way over!

Herd of Chu-hi!And oh my- the Chu-Hi! Japan’s answer to the wine cooler, these are alcoholic soda’s that run 5-6% alcohol with out tasting one bit different from a soda. So far my favorite flavors are grapefruit, lime and litchi. Being a sucker for marketing, my favorite brand has a wrinkled can that ripples into a drum noise when you first pop the can open! I can’t wait to see that gimick catch on in the USA.

Haagen Daz ParfaitFun varieties of American foods have been popping up like crazy. From the bacon caesar salad flavored pringles to amazingly delicious Haagan-Daz parfaits, we’re floating in a world of wonderful flavors. Ok, except for the pringles… those were crazy aweful. Surprisingly the bacon flavor did not work in the concept recreation. Instead, these crisps taste like sour cream and onion with a hint of weiner. Yuck.

The layered thing works well with the pastries here. This ice cream parfait captured my heart our first night. From the smooth creamy ice cream mixed with the sweet roasted tasting bean paste… it’s a sumptuous blend of flavors and textures as the chewy beans pop in for some extra time to play around your mouth. Also available are more western style flavors like chocolate nut ice cream parfaits, and layered flavors like tiramisu. I’m really trying to not go for western flavors though… heck, I can get those when ever.

Sweets and I are going to be bringing back a list of goodie favorites to ask our nearby Asian Market to import. Like the kit-kats we just spotted tonight at the local Sunkus (like 7-11)! Oh, just you wait till I post those flavors!

Tomorrow we are off to Hiroshima, then Himeji-jo and meeting up with our friend Chris at Kyoto. It will probably be a couple days till we next update our flickr set!

Till then, happy flavors and sweet dreams…

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