When plants attack: seed bombs

Sunday, August 5, 2007

guerrilla gardening with seed bombsMy previous work place had a soap opera of a construction project going on next door in my final months in Eugene. All spring we had to endure months of jackhammering, threats of invasion as they eye balled our storage space, and the final straw of summertime noxious fumes as they sealed their poured concrete (I made it out before this last one- whew!).

One unique aspect to this construction project is that it is contained underground with landscaping covering the maze of concrete underneath.

As our ire over our neighbor inconveniences mounted, my attention was brought to a wonderful herbaceous outlet for frustrations in the form of hand made seed bombs at Heavy Petal. You see, this came to the forefront of my mind just as the obnoxious construction project was considering the laying of sod over our adjacent lot. A lot that used to be grass criss-crossed with bike paths, tree shaded benches, and a cool sun dial.

Would seed bombs of violets survive and be noticed next season? Would bombs of dandelions be too vicious and only provoke chemical warfare from the groundskeepers? Yuck.

A coworker came up with a perfect suggestion: a true Northwest weed, a robust plant that’s a creeper too! One that would make us grin with multiple sensory inputs, if its seed bombs were successful. Heh.

Lets just say our landscaping bomb fantasy left us feeling minty fresh.

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