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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Starbucks Buying Out the CompetitionThursday, it was announced that Starbucks has purchased Portland area Coffee People.

Starbucks had long ago seemed to have chased Coffee People out of the Eugene area, its birthplace, when the large Seattle based company placed a location across the street from Coffee People’s University location. However, the first layer of the coffee irony sandwich shows that Starbucks location directly across from a Coffee People actually helped the smaller coffee store. It’s removal from Eugene was in response to Coffee People’s going-public stock venture not panning out. More coffee irony plays out in Coffee People’s early days of supplying more than 30 varieties of coffee to lucky Eugene buyers. Offering this range of coffee variety in the 70′s was unheard of. With the help of a Seattle coffee supplier, Starbucks, Jim and Patty Roberts were able to build their coffee operation. Looks like the hand that fed took care of the nibbler.

Back in the day, a favorite researcher would use the Coffee People down on 13th Ave to reward me and my co-workers with banana milk shakes after a long morning of experiments. Coffee People also gave me my constant supply of chocolate covered coffee beans in the 90′s and helped kick off the coffee laden ice cream choices at Prince Pucklers ice cream store.

Coffee People founders, Jim and Patty Roberts have shown themselves to be veterns of the waves of entrepreneurialism. In 2002 they opened Jim and Patty’s on 5015 NE Fremont St in Portland. Offering milkshakes, coffee and pulled pork sandwichs, this sounds like a great Portland foodie visit! Hopefully Sweets and I will catch their wave on a swell…


posted September 17th, 2006 at 8:20 pm


shit. now time to hunt for more non-starbucks java.

  • I really want to check out the Roberts\’ other coffee haunt. Do you know of the Jim and Patty\’s place? I can\’t help but wonder if it still is in existence. Pulled pork and coffee? mmmmm


- Molly
posted September 18th, 2006 at 4:43 pm

i live in portland so i have adifferent perspective. everytime i go to coffee people i am sorely disappointed. Their coffee is just terrible–the shakes are good but i am more into coffee. I can see why they went under.

  • Hmmm, maybe my Eugene distanced nostalgia is glossing up the picture some, but Molly there is a Portlander as well. Also, they didn\’t go-under… in fact quite the opposite- they got bought out.


- lauren

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