Graham CrackersI’ve given you the means to make marshmallows, here’s a great companion recipe: Graham Crackers!

If you are feeling authentically adverturous, Graham Flour can even be found online.

I recently bought a box of Graham Crackers for some theraputic milk dunking and found myself in a perplexing picky eater position… somewhere along the line, a manufacturer altered the recipe of my favorite milk dunking cookie and now it didn’t taste right.

Now I know one of the major ways to spell disappointment, left with my memories, the loss of a taste actuality to a manufacturer’s whims. Taking a step back – how odd that my generation was one of the ones to get caught in the grips of factory forged foods. That I find myself remembering with foodness the taste sensation of foods that human hands never touched?

Collecting recipes such as ones for Graham Crackers, is a means of preserving a legacy through a culinary familial line. Take control of your pleasures and consider yourself a curator of your tastebuds whims. How many of your favorite flavors are created by mega-corporations vs Mom? If you have little ones in your household, remember, you are creating your legacy of taste memories everyday… give them something worth remembering and recreating.

Written for ReadyMade magazine’s blog.


posted April 29th, 2006 at 6:47 am

Your link to BakingSheet is broken!! On here and on ReadyMade. Just letting you know!

  • I think the problem is on your end Chloe? I’m accessing them both fine. Thank’s tho- I’d appreciate the heads up!


- Chloe
posted April 29th, 2006 at 2:09 pm

not working for me, either.
the link is sending me to
there’s an extra “http//” in there, and my browser (safari) isn’t removing it — maybe yours is auto-correcting, or something?

  • Ahh- gooness- thanks you two! I kept checking the first link, not the second one!


- amy
posted April 30th, 2006 at 7:18 am

One of my childhood favorites was graham crackers and bananas. Mentioning it here I can almost taste it.

  • now there’s a stroke of curious inspiration: banana flavored marshmallows! Genius!

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