Rouge Radish Saga

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A gutsy radishAn epidemic has been sweeping Japan. It apparently started last year with the appearance of the first Gutsy Radish in Aioi, Hyogo Prefecture. A daikon radish seed started its journey of growth, erupting through the city’s asphalt, pushing up a spot of unexpected green. Nicknamed, Dokonjo Daikon (gutsy radish), this vegetable became an emblem of sorts. It even sprouted into its own children’s book.

Unfortunately, someone decapitated the famous radish, sending its admirers into shock. Efforts are currently underway to clone the radish.

Recently, two new rouge radishes have been spotted. One in a residential area of the Tokyo city of Higashikurume, the second on Genkaijima, an island off Fukuoka.

Is this Mother Natures next attack front?

My vote- I think its Ecco-terrorists!

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