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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Real Food Revival Choice quotes from Sherri Brooks Vinton, co-author of Real Food Revival, in an interview at

The Real Food Revival: Aisle by Aisle, Morsel by Morsel is a result of that search and a tribute to all of the chefs, producers, and eaters Sherri found in her research who are part of the movement to reclaim the food chain. Sherri hopes the book will serve as a practical guide to eaters who, like herself, want a more delicious, sustainable future.

I had an ah-ha moment on a summer motorcycle trip across country. I was looking for mom and pop diners and authentic flavor. I thought that bounty would just be before us. There would be fruits and vegetables everywhere. I expected family farms. I found just the opposite was true. The family farms were absolutely melting into the ground. They were disappearing, and the rural communities that depended on agriculture were boarded up and abandoned, because they had been bought out by agri-business.

I think that the industrial food industry, the processed food industry, has spent a lot of money and has been very effective in convincing us that cooking is something difficult, some sort of archaic knowledge that is hard to unravel. It’s not.

The Northeast Organic Farmers’ Association of Maine did a study. If families spent just spent $10 a week on local produce during the six-month growing season in Maine, [farmers] would retain $100 million in revenue every year. So it’s very powerful just to make a small effort.

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