City View Deli

Saturday, June 4, 2005

beignet goodness

originally posted on Something 2 Eat, May 25,2004.

Your New Saturday Morning Ritual
This was my morning I decided to be French. Inspired by a recent French stereotype that introduced herself to me, I decided that this was the morning to do it, to go all the way… to have hot chocolate and beignets for breakfast.

I quickly secured the prized window seat from which to watch the Farmers’ Market goers gathering produce in the drizzly greyness of Eugene. Fresh beignets take time, but this wait is never too taxing. I was promptly bestowed with the jewels of the town, and their loyal servant – a cup of hot chocolate (in which to dunk them in of course!). Hot, steamy, powdery, sweet, … drool inducing!

I dare you to occupy the window seat with your beignets, making blissed out eye contact with those who happen to glimpse your ravenous attentions from the dreary outdoors.

After all, a happy customer is the best advertising.

City View Deli
45 E. 8th Ave, Eugene

Quality: 4 outta 4 forks: Fresh beignets… heaven.
Presentation: 4 outta 4 forks…
Value: 3 outta 4 forks: good food to money ratio
Local Color: 3 outta 4 forks: Best window seat to teasingly eat beignets from.
Service: 4 outta 4 forks: Tiny space lends itself to great service.

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