Garlic Chive Goat Cheese with Mango Jalapeno Jelly BitesI came to our Saturday Market with an agenda to pick up produce for making meatballs. My well laid out plans got hi-jacked by my favorite jelly stand, Byrd’s Basket when I stopped to see what was new this weekend. I unfortuantley missed out on the pommegranate jelly, but I got pulled in by another spicy jelly to add to my collection: Mango Jalapeno. Surprisingly light and not hot, this is a good mellow sweet jelly to top goat cheese with, one of my favorite flavor combinations to nibble on. What a great excuse to pick up a tub of Alsea Acre Goat Cheese, whose stand was just around the corner.

These jelly-cheese bites are light, creamy with a little zip of sweet.

It can’t get easier than this!

Garlic Chive Goat Cheese with Mango Jalapeno Jelly Bites

Garlic Chive Goat Cheese with Mango Jalapeno Jelly BitesSlice your favorite baguette into 1/2 inch slices.
Spread each slice with a thin layer of goat cheese, and top with a spoonful of jelly.

Texture variation:

  • toast or grill the baguette slices.

Flavor plays:

  • Another way to introduce garlic flavor is to rub the surface of your toasted bread with a raw clove of garlic cut in half.
  • Also try rubbing the cut rind of a lemon or orange onto the toasted bread surface to transfer the essential oils of the citrus to your toast.


posted November 26th, 2006 at 6:13 am

Thank you for your inclusion of our products on this wonderful blog. I’m so glad you like the garlic chive flavor. It has the most garlic of any of our flavors, as I always think that anything with the word “garlic” in it’s name should literally HIT you with garlic.

This flavor pairing is also a favorite of mine… goat cheese with something a bit sweet and tangy at the same time. Thanks again, Nancy

posted April 2nd, 2010 at 3:53 am

I really love goat cheese desserts, their are awesome. If I have guests, I just make goat cheese deserts and they love it. Are there any other good uses for goat cheese?

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