Month Long April FOols

Thursday, April 7, 2005

April Fool's Fake Ipod ScreenPdf download of a fake paper ipod.

I was in quite a quandry back on thursday night… the night before April Fools Day. I was horribly sick at home, couldn’t really walk very far, and yet I really wanted to go into work to leave pranks for everyone.

Even my Sweets was begging me to pick up the camera and fake blog about how good our moldy onions in the refrigerator tasted when spread on toast (hmmm, will remember this one for next year).

April Fool's Fake Mini IpodLast year I had quite the ball and made a reputation for myself in the process. I’m afraid I let a number of people down this year, or maybe they’re just afraid they still haven’t discovered what I’ve done to their desks. Stealing pens, messing up computer desktop images, and leaving Swedish Fish everywhere… I had a blast. My chef-d’oeuvre came in the form of a Kitty Litter Cake left in the work area where we share treats and muffins. I bought a new cat box and scooper, and filled it with an atrocious Americana confection of crumbled up spice cake, pudding layers, and ground up chocolate covered espresso beans. I don’t have to describe what I did with the microwaved tootsie rolls do I?

And as luck would have it I was too sick to do anything this year. I couldn’t even whip up a batch of jalapeno-no-sugar-over-salted-chocolate cookies! So I have officially declared that all April will be filled with fools. Starting off with my fake mini ipods I hope to make a tiny ripple on this campus somewhere. The inspiration came from a fake cardboard insert that comes in the packaging of mini ipod cases. It was a simple one sided image of a blue ipod and I immediately knew that I had to scan in my ipod to make 3-D cardboard ipods to “lose” around the campus. We had just that day shared stories at work of people having their ipods stolen in a split

second. Setting around fake ones could both be cruel or karmic. The project has gone great so far… I’ve made silver, green and blue ones, complete with a fake screen that signs my work. This is the sort of thing pulled all the time on my favorite I just need to finish assembling and leave them around in libraries and coffee shops around the University.

I can’t wait!


posted April 12th, 2005 at 3:31 pm

Jocelyn, I love these!

posted April 30th, 2005 at 8:01 pm

What happened with them? I’m dying to know.

posted May 1st, 2005 at 11:20 am

Well, they folded up real nice. I use my inkjet printer to print them out- the color quality is really great. However, inkjet prints don’t like hot and humid fingers to be touching them… it tends to remove some ofthe ink and make smudges. I’d like to get a really high quality color photocopy of the printout to try to prevent smudging.

I placed two in our student union on campus. I didn’t wait out to watch what would happen- I might do that next time- and so that’s it! They got placed out there though. I’m going to go photoshop out the April reference and just have the apple logo with a worm sticking out and place more of these around in the various libraries. :)

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