Marché at the Museum

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

macaroonThe days this week have been long, sore (ahem, renewed committment to head to the gym, inspired by… well all sorts of things inspire these sorts of tendencies and this one is a bit long winded to explain), yet delightfully sunny in their duration. After Groundhog’s Day, the denziens of Eugene, Oregon became resigned to existing in Winter for several more weeks so of course the weather decided to change course!

All this delightful weather means one can finally eat lunch outdoors without feeling too foolish. Monday I took the sun as an opportunity to eat lunch at our new campus Café Marché location, nestled inside the newly renovated Jordan Schnitzer Art Museum. The inside seating is sleek and closely tabled, perfect for creating good eavesdropping fodder. However, the outdoor Porch is where I believe campus is going to really congregate when the weather gets warm. Once the word gets out that Marché has beer and wine, I’ll simply have to share my Café with everyone else.

shrimp and avocado tartineThis visit I enjoyed the Shrimp and Avocado Tartine, which makes for the perfect sized lunch. All the sandwiches come with a small field greens salad, whose peppery sharp dressing rounds out the meal perfectly. The sandwich was crunchy with celery and onion adding texture to the shrimp which were dressed in a milky-like sauce. The overall flavors of the tartine are light and sweet, shrimp and avocado making a wonderful pair.
And I couldn’t resist having a macaroon for dessert… one of my special Marché weaknesses. I love how these are little pyramids; it gives you a sense of direction on where to take your first bite, the tip! Crunchy golden outter layer with a caramelized perfume, that yields a dense chewy coconut interior. Heaven!

As with most campus eateries, I recommend visitation not during 11:30am-1pm, as the area is usually mobbed. However, Marché lends itself to a wonderful late lunch or weekend brunch spot.



SEASONAL SOUP OF THE DAY Served with French bread; Cup 3.00; Bowl 4.00
BEGGAR’S BANQUET Cup of soup with bread, cheese and fruit 6.00
FRENCH ONION SOUP The classic version with slowly cooked onions in a rich beef stock, topped with French bread and gruyere cheese, then baked 6.00


FIELD GREENS SALAD with Champagne viniagrette Small 3.50 Large 4.50
with crumbled Rouge Vallery blue cheese add 1.00
HEARTS OF ROMAINE SALAD with anchoïade dressing, croûtes and pecorino Romano cheese 5.00
WINTER PEAR SALAD with field greens, Rogue Valley blue cheese and toasted hazelnuts 6.00
COMPOSED SALAD carrot and tarragon slaw, marinated roasted beets, celery root remoulade and field greens with Champagne viniagrette 6.00
PÂTÉ MAISON a plate featuring our homemade pate served with French bread, Dijon mustard and cornichons 6.00


served à la carte for 3.50, or with a small field green salad and French bread for 6.00
QUICHE LORRAINE bacon, gruyere cheese and egg custard in a pastry crust
QUICHE DU JOUR our vegetarian version with seasonal vegetables


a tartine is an open faced sandwich on Pain de Campagne, served with a small Mesclun salad. Available served as a half sandwich with a cup of soup or a small field greens salad for an additional .75
GOAT CHEESE TARTINE with sun dried tomatoes and olive tapenade 5.50
SMOKED SALMON TARTINE with cream cheese, red onion and capers 5.50


available served as a half sandwich with a cup of soup or a small field greens salad for an additional .75 Available on Eugene City Bakery Pain de Campagne or Pain Ordinaire Bagutte, with Dijon aïoli and garnished with field greens, red onion and cornichons
add choice of cheese for 1.25


available served as a half sandwich with a cup of soup or a small field greens salad for an additional .75
CROQUE MONSIEUR grilled black forest ham and gruyere cheese, served with a small field green salad 6.50
CROQUE BÉBÉ for kids of all ages, grilled Tillamook cheddar cheese sandwich, served with fresh fruit 5.00
CHICKEN BREAST PANINI with artichoke heart relish and fontina cheese, served with a small field green salad 6.50
PORTOBELLO MUSHROOM PANINI with herb aïoli, sun dried tomoato relish and fontina cheese, served with a small field green salad 6.50


French potato salad 2.00
celery root rémoulade 2.00
carrot and tarragon slaw 2.00
marinated roasted beets 2.00
French bread and butter 0.75

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