The Dairy Diet Myth

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

from Nutrition Action Healthletter, Jan/Feb 2005 vol 32, num 1, p10.

“Drink milk… Lose weight?” say the ads. The dairy industry has created an entire “Healthy Weight with Milk” campaign to boost sales. What’s the evidense? Most of it came from a researcher who has a patent on the claim that dairy foods aid weight loss.
In a new study- the largest so far- a high dairy diet didn’t help people lose weight. Twenty-three obese patients on 1,500-calorie diets who were randomly assigned to consume four servings of dairy a day lost no more weight or body fat after six months than 22 others who consumed one serving a day.

What to do:

Low-fat (or non-fat) milk, yogurt, and cheese can help lower blood pressure and boost calcium intake. But don’t expect them to keep you slim.
[Obesity Research 12: A23, 2004]

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