In Case of Fries II

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Relearning How to Eat

My brownie points caught up with me. I was really dragging my feet in regards to the whole New Year’s Resolution game, its soo… cliché. Yet, I’ve had that little voice nagging me inside my head since before Thanksgiving- yesh! I sure took my time to act didn’t I? Reading Debbie’s posts on Words to Eat By put another voice in my head… reading her insights about her struggle with weight is inspiring and familiar, and she’s letting us all in on the inner workings of her plan.
In Case of Fire
Walking to Sushi Station last night, my Sweetie pulled my health desires out of me, making me verbalize what has been making me grumble inside. It was a good walk. We’re going to do this together, none of this me making a separate meal for myself thing. Eating healthy will help bring my weight down and will help with Sweet’s blood pressure problems.

As if the sushi gods had heard our promise, they rewarded us with new offerings on the sushi round-about… plates of fresh fruit! We started and ended with fruit and had some very nice tuna inbetween.

We decided we’re going to follow the DASH eating guide, as outlined in the 2005 Government Dietary Guidelines. This cuts out eggs, which is going to be difficult at times. This adds more vegetables and fruit, and a more conscious consumption of water. We’re keeping food diaries and using nifty grid charts to mark off what food groups we’ve eaten through out the day. I find this very helpful for when dinner time comes around… I look at the chart and see what I have to knock of for the day (usually vegetables).

I’m working on printing out one of my elevator signs for work… though I’m happy to say I haven’t seen the inside of the elevator all week.

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