Mochi for Mom

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Hi Mom,
remember that mochi I made you buy here in Eugene? Here’s a great dessert way to cook it up that I’ve been meaning to have up here for awhile. I haven’t had mochi very often, only served sweet, but its been good. The first time I had it is when our friends Jon and Lisa came over and made this up. Jon had something else mixed in with his sugar I think (roasted soy flour?)… I’ll ask him about it.
sweet pan fried mochi
Another silly fun thing to do is just bake squares of mochi in the oven (on a silpat). After several minutes (around 10 minutes at 450F) the squares puff all up into fun shapes. It kind of strikes me as vegetarian pork rinds (all crunchy and bubbly weird…)

Mochi à la Miyake
This makes a nice gooey sticky sweet treat.

Cut your brick of mochi into several one inch squares, and place on a plate. Microwave briefly to just soften them a bit.

Heat a small pat of butter in your cast iron skillet and toast the mochi on both sides till golden and crisped. The center of the mochi will get all molten and gooey.

Remove the toasted mochi to a plate of brown sugar (or powdered sugar, or syrup) and roll them around to coat all over and eat while warm.

I love you Mom,
have fun,


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