Sugar High Friday #4: Nuts

Friday, January 7, 2005

Chocolate in the Clouds

I couldn’t help but think of Iron Chef when assembling this creation. Dish names popped into my head… Mt Fuji in the Fog, Fuji in the Morning Mist… Cat Plop in Snow- Whoops, sorry. I am still learning to quell that little boy humor voice that speaks up now and then. Such is the price of growing up with younger brothers.

chocolate in the clouds

Chocolate in the clouds was born out of a raging sweet tooth attack, sensing the coming of New Year’s Resolutions. It cried for me to use up the last of the evil goodies in my house, hence my own Iron Chef stage was set with theme ingredients that went beyond nuts.

This tasty concoction is a more solid ganache (more chocolate melted in to stiffen the meld) with chopped pistachios and candied orange peel stirred in. The orange flavor rings throughout the chocolate, but the saltiness of the nuts is the real winner.

And finally nested in a fluff of sweetened whipped cream with rum and vanilla.

And so goes the last of the cream in my kitchen…


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