Batty for Bars

Thursday, January 6, 2005

new bat barI just spied a new bar from one of my favorite chocolate companies, Endangered Species Chocolate . This is a consciousness food business in that they want you to realize that by purchasing their chocolate you are contributing to a wildlife fund. Their website is very informative with many stories that go way beyond chocolate. They have such a good variety of chocolates, all of them having great art of various animals on the labels. One of my favorite is the gorilla bar- whether its because of the monkeys or the smooth chocolate, I’ll never know for sure.

The new bar is a bat bar of dark dark chocolate with cocoa nibs. I found this bar to be a bit intense… it skipped over introductions and assumed we knew each other well right from the start. Having crunchy little cocoa (is it cacao or cocoa?)nibs nestled in such dark chocolate makes this a difficult bar for me to take my time with. My mouth wants to nibble its way through it as opposed to letting the chocolate melt slowly during my consumption.

Going through the different flavors (and bar art) on the web site is highly recommended. And did I mention their free shipping offer?


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