Smells Like Cartoon Planet

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

corianderLean in… can you smell it? Just touch your nose to the screen… If I didn’t have an olfactory wittness to this, I would swear this is a sign of the apocolypse. My crushed freshly toasted coriander seeds smelled exactly like the lemon, neh: the yellow bits of Trix cereal. I haven’t had Trix in possibly 15 years, so this took some deep thinking to pin down that smell identification. The scary thing is that my brain thought it necessary to lock away that cereal smell memory. Is Trix somehow really crucial to my future survival? Did my brain just give away a deep dark secret about my destiny being intertwined with Trix? Or is it telling me I am still a kid?

Amidst my bewilderment at this redundency of smells is that I can’t help smelling the crushed coriander and smiling.

*If you are interested in olfactory study in a science context, I highly recommend the Emperor of Scent.

**If you are looking for a good yet odd read about creating perfume and murder, check out Patrick Suskind’s Perfume: the Story of a Murderer

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