Savory Cheese Puffs with Chipotle Cream

Saturday, January 1, 2005

This recipe resulted out of a failed attempt to make sweet cream filled cream puffs for [blush] breakfast. I’m embarrased that I got caught making such a breakfast, but these things happen. I blame this entirely on the presense of whipping cream being in the house (what’s a person completely capable of making up pastry cream to do?).
cream puffs with chipotle cream
The pate a choux recipe I was using out of a new cookbook, was terribly wanky, and resulted in a batter that was too runny. The resulting puffs tasted good, but failed to puff, which was one of my main objectives. So I added more of the only four I had left in the house- whole wheat flour, which yielded a puff that was a bit too flourey tasting. In a cheese frenzy, I decided to bail on the sweet puff idea, and added grated colby cheese to the batter, and chopped green onions. While waiting for some test cheesey puffs to cook, I decided to go all out, and added my last 2 inch piece of blue cheese to the batter and sprinkled in some poppy seeds. Yum, cheesey oniony pastry puffs.

Still being in the classic filled pate a choux frame of mind, I got to thinking about the cream I was going to whip up for the filling. I have left over Cream of Chipotle Soup, a full cream, chipotle paste version of the jalapeño soup I made earlier. This had reduced down to a really thick cream soup… could I use this like whipping cream to make a savory puff filling?

This soup had thickened up considerably in the frig, and was more like a butter now. Determined to play with my pastry bag, I spooned some into a bowl and began to whip it, first adding a splash of stock. It’s not as smooth as whipped cream, but is close. The chilled soup also has more of a sweet note, probably due to the heavy cream. Interesting! I think this soup would make an interesting butter/cream substitution in making scones or biscuits too.

Spooned onto the Cheese Puffs, it adds a sweet spicy creaminess, much like a sweetened butter or clotted cream.

I figure if I want to use the new year as a motivation to go dairy free- I can wait until Monday to start, right?


posted January 24th, 2008 at 1:43 am

yummerz…that’s sounds oh soo good.

- angie
posted January 23rd, 2015 at 1:15 am

Thank you for the great tip, i recently came across your blog and have been reading along.. I mean, her, awesome thoughts

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Ich verbringe alle 2 Tage etwa eine halbe Stunde auf deiner Seite und finde immer wieder gute Artikel von Ihnen. Hoffe diese Homepage gibt es noch lange!

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