Naughty New Year’s Morn

Saturday, January 1, 2005

I’ve been recently contemplating eliminating dairy and eggs from my diet… [insert stunned silence]. This has been brought on by several realizations over the last several months, some of the biggest being my complete lack of trust in anything the Egg Council, or the Dairy Council has to say on the matters of nutrition, and more simply, as an adult I don’t believe I need to have dairy or eggs in my diet to be healthy or to have tasty food.

My Sweetie, however is a little bit scared, though he is largely supportive. He’s also good at balancing out some of the information I’ve been gathering, largely using the argument of supporting humanely raised dairy products, and reminding me that cheese is good damn it! I think he’s been using mind control tricks to get me to remind myself as to all that is good eats in the dairy and egg world…

Did I mention our breakfast the other day? Homemade fresh tortillas, refried beans, and eggs over easy. Ahh, the gloriousness of a runny saffron colored yolk.

And my continuing soup experiment? Making cream of chipotle with, [cough] heavy cream. I never have cooked a full cream soup before, and I must say that reducing it down by 1/3 was fun tastings. Cream of chipotle soup sprinkled with cilantro and pomegranate fruits is flavor heaven!

So I woke up this morning wanting to use the eggs we have and ventured into the kitchen to make pate a choux. Plus, this would use up the left over whipping cream from making soup. Unfortunatley, the pate a choux recipe I was following from a new cookbook (who will remain nameless until I can get a good recipe made out of it) was lousey. The flour proportions were way off (produced good tasting eggy plops), and I ran out of “normal”, aka AP flour trying to correct the batter. Anyway, this is what I came up with to nibble on before getting into the New Year’s Black Eyed Peas with Collard Greens… Savory Cheese Puffs with Chipotle Cream.

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