Minty Fresh

Tuesday, December 7, 2004

web_mintsbowl_sb1.jpgI took a nice trip down memory lane the other night at Becks & Posh upon seeing Sam’s recipe for Peppermint Creams. This recipe is one of my only good food memories from being schooled at St. Louie’s. I was a picky eater, and the nuns didn’t like that one bit. I spent many a meal with only a bowl of treacle because I wouldn’t touch the porridge, and heavens if I didn’t have anything. Oh, and don’t get me started on the topic of skin on the top of custard! Right, so on with the minty bits…

I took a cue from Sam and dipped the edge in chocolate. I also added a bit of coloring because that’s what I like to do. I neglected to include some of the lavender mints in the picture because, well, they were a bit atrocious. I think they have potential… they’re just not ready [as my Sweetie put it, "... they're not bad... it's kind of like picking a scab... I can't leave it alone"].

web_mint_sb1.jpgNow, this little fudgy number is one of my favorite recipes! And I’m embarrassed to say, it’s just the plain old fudge recipe off of a jar of marshmallow cream, but with white chocolate and mint added. I took off with the white chocolate fudge idea this Halloween and made lime, raspberry, orange, and blue mint fudge, with corresponding colors of course! I may cook organic, but I have a soft spot in my art for food coloring… sigh.

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