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Friday, November 12, 2004

originally posted on Something 2 Eat, June 11,2004.

Failed in French Fry Science
Ok, this is a bit difficult to admit… being a general supporter of McMenamins and all: I can’t stand to order what they call french fries anymore!

I’m stepping out… and taking a stand. McMenamins is good for their burgers and beer, and that’s about it.

The french fries found at E 19th (and all McM) is an unfortunate failed fryer incident that is being perpetuated in the name of “a signature style”. If I can’t trust you to know the science of a French fry, I can’t help but question your knowledge of other food related prep! Ugh. And I refuse to let the offering of vinegar on the table sway me from this opinion on the fries!

Pricing: I recently paid $8 for a Thai salad special. I have been kicking myself ever since. Yes, it was a good salad. However, $8 did not justify the ingredient cost, nor the cost to support the ambiance (or rather the minus grade version of McMenamin’s decoration) in which I ate said salad. It really seems that the beer and burgers are the only items worth ordering in regards to quality and reasonable price.

And last but not least: the service. E 19th has earned an unfortunate but true reputation for slower-than-molasses-in-the-winter service. I respect waitstaff a great deal, but I am tired of “dudes” who really don’t know how to keep up on their customers in a sit down establishment. On the bright side: I am happy to see newly acquired waitstaff has transferred from a previous job at a great service eating establishment (Napoli’s). This new staff brings a silver lining to this dark lack of service cloud.

But in the meantime… I’m taking the long way home, by way of High St!

East 19th St Cafe, 1485 East 19th Street, Eugene
Quality: 3 outta 4 forks…
Except for the “fries”, everything is all right.
Presentation: 2 outta 4 forks…
Dark, neon, and can’t shake those smoking indoor memories.
Value: 2 outta 4 forks…
It sucks to see salads over-priced.
Local Color: 4 outta 4 forks…
Great place to check out crowd on the edge of university (except on track
event days!).
Service: 2 outta 4 forks…
Too slow for my taste.

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